Gathapraya is one part of the work program of osis sman 3 bandung, especially section 8. This event is an annual event that almost always held sman 3 bandung as a form of a sense of appreciation of the culture owned by Indonesia. Incidentally at that time I became one part of the gathapraya committee, more precisely I was in the production manager. This section takes care of the completeness of the required items during the event. This activity at that time was held on 30 september 2017 in the field of Bali.

Narrative Text

Prambanan Temple
In the old days of Java Island, in a region called Prambanan, lies two kingdom. Kingdom of Pengging and Kraton Boko. Pengging kingdom is gifted with a fertile and get prosperous. The kingdom is lead by a wise king named Prabu Damar Moyo and has a male son named Raden Bandung Bondowoso while Kraton Boko is a kingdom that obeys the rules of Pengging. The Boko king is very cruel, he is strong and tall, like a giant. The people of Boko always afraid of the king's anger. Although the king was not handsome, he has a very beautiful daughter called Princess Roro Jongrang.
One day, the king of Boko wants to rebels against the Pengging. Lead by the Boko prime minister, the giant race, Gopolo, the Boko army is prepared to announce the war between Boko and Pengging. They even raid its own people's properties to support the campaign.
Fierce war happens in the borders of the Pengging territorial mark. Many victims were falling on both sides and people Pengging be suffering bec…
Hello guys! back again with me Zidan, at this time i will tell you about one of the most wonderful place in Indonesia, this is it Wakatobi..

Wakatobi is one of the districts in indonesia that located in southeast sulawesi, maybe that's the main reason why this place is so beautiful because there are so many places in eastern indonesia which is still good because  it it isn't touchable from human hand.

This place is very famous for the beauty of the sea, the sea ​​of wakatobi has a clear blue color that can spoil the eyes of everyone who visit there. in addition to its beautiful colors, the sea of ​​wakatobi is also filled with so much marine biodiversity because wakatobi is the habitat of large and small fish species, like the playground dolphins, turtles and even whales. and then wakatobi has the largest barrier reef in indonesia because wakatobi has  750 coral reef species from a total of 850 of world's collection. So, thats the main reason why wakatobi is very suitable…
Hey Guys! Back again with me Zidan with my blog. Now, I want to tell all of you about a conversation of me with my friend, check it out!\
Zidan :"Hey Fathir! How are you?" Fathir : "Hey Zidan! I'm good, how about you?" Zidan :"Yeah.. good I think, long time no see you, do you so busy at school? Fathir :"Yes, I have a lot of tasks that I have to do so I just spend the rest of my day at school and                    home for doing that things." Zidan :"Hmm, I same as you Thir, I can feel it, but I think we just have to relax now because                         tomorrow is holiday right?" Fathir :"OH YA, I'm so happy to hear that.:" Zidan :"Me too, by the way, what is your plan for this holiday? Fathir :"I think I will just stay at home, to rest my brain for the first week" Zidan :"Don't you want to go to some places maybe?" Fathir :"I think I will go to some place that connected to n…

Unforgettable Moment

Assisted by Online Taxi Driver
When I was in Junior High School I go out from school at 3 pm and then continued with tutoring. I was doing tutoring until 6 pm. After that, I want to go home, but my mom told me that she can't pick me up from my tutoring place, so forcefully I had to go home by riding with an online taxi. Then, directly I ordered an online taxi by using their application. The driver came 15 minutes after I ordered, then I went home with him. When I on the way to home, suddenly my phone was low battery, so I couldn't tell my mom that I was on my way to home. Shortly after that, I arrived at my home, but not unexpectedly there is no one at home and I didn't have enough money to pay the cost of my trip. I am so confused and I didn't know what I have to do, then i remembered that there is my grandma's house nearby my home, so i told the driver to take me to that place and he was willing. A few minutes later we arrived at my grandma's house, then i bo…